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May 1 – May 21, 2021


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Hi, this is Mary Cordelia, and I’m so glad you’re here!
About 4 times a year, I offer a 21-Day Challenge.

I keep offering it because so many people have found it to be an incredibly powerful experience.

Below you will find lots of reviews, so you can read about the experiences of the real people who have done the challenge. There’s also information about me, so you can find out who I am. Plus there are details about the nuts and bolts of the course.

So first, let me give you an overview of what the 21-Day Challenge is.


The 21-Day Empowerment Challenge…

… is a powerful and effective way to  sharpen your ability to create the changes you want.

… teaches you a set of unique skills that are customized to work for you.

… shows you how to master your mind and your life.

… gets you in alignment with what is TRULY important to you

… and (best of all) is fun, easy, and flexible. It’s designed to fit your unique personality — and your busy schedule.

In short, for 21-Days, we will practice powerful tools to bring you into ALIGNMENT…with your desires, your preferences, your hopes and your dreams. And alignment with your own personal genius and your Inner Guidance.


Alignment with what you want is the key to maximizing your enthusiasm and success.


When you stop fighting against yourself, you will immediately feel the change and begin to see the results. In fact, most people experience so much growth and joy in the challenge, that they come back and do it over and over again!

Here are messages from two recent participants.

Rhonda Uretsky, Owner of Riverflow Yoga, and author of The Blissful Warrior

“There are lot of “challenges” out there, but Mary’s 21-Day Challenges are different. They’re personal, unique, on a whole different level: this is all about what YOU want to gain for yourself, and about finding your own way that resonates with your life right now.  

Mary shows us that there is no WRONG way to do her Challenges. The idea is to honor yourself and hear your own Inner Genius guide you. The goal isn’t to “complete the challenge,” it’s to explore YOURSELF. And no one has more caring, more involvement and commitment to her challengers than Mary. She is really there for you all the way through as your guide and your cheerleader.  

I have done all of Mary’s 21-Day Challenges, and I looked forward to the next one.”.

Dina Rose, PhD, Educator, Author

I joined the 21-Day Challenge because I wanted to find my “happy.” It’s no exaggeration to say that with the first exercise, Mary showed me where to look. The simple act of directing where I put my focus and attention, which is sometimes frustratingly hard to accomplish, has been truly life changing for me. 

“If this had been the only takeaway from the Challenge I would have been satisfied. But something else happened. I found myself in the midst of the most supportive, warmhearted and emotionally available people. Knowing I was working towards similar goals as others in the group, hearing their struggles and more important, their successes, meant the Challenge was infused with support. And when I couldn’t keep up with the pace of the group, which happened sometimes, I benefited from simply lurking! 

“Simply put, Mary Cordelia is about the most compassionate, loving and supportive person I know and she has created a 21 Day Challenge that shows us how to treat ourselves with the kindness and understanding she models.”  

We have people from all walks of life join us in the challenge, and their results range from the tiny but perfect to the enormous and astounding.
But in every case, they reflect the powerful next step on their path to what they want.
Here are a few of the messages I received during our 21-Day Challenges this year:


From Theresa, an amazing painter… Her “powerful next step” was selling two of her paintings and being accepted into two exhibitions during the 21-Day Challenge.


She wrote:


I’m also starting to see some other good results. My health is improved– joints and skin. Also my energy level is way up.

Every now and then I catch myself in a bad mood, or ruminating, or both, and I say, “OK, got it!” and that works so very well! Plus the mindfulness exercises.

I’m excited– it feels weird to have this much energy, but I bet I can get used to it!



And from Kathleen, a dental tech and working mom, who had been longing to leave her job for years, but feeling trapped by her obligations… She wrote to tell me about her “powerful next step”:


Just a little update! I am now officially a small business owner!👏

 I talked to my boss today about it…and it was really awesome how he responded… He said when you get rolling let me know. I want to look and maybe I’ll buy some things 😍
Thank you so much for all of the empowerment… Who knew what was possible in 21 days?! 😘



And most astounding of all, from RM, Founder and CEO of a tech company :


I’ve been having some powerful experiences as I’ve been doing the work.  I’ve manifested a seasoned executive who is used to working at [two well-known internet giants] to help plan a roadmap to getting $5-10M in a manufacturing line of credit, and an extra $400K to add a couple months of runway so I can go to Hong Kong to close the deal. Plus an opportunity to speak at [a major publication’s tech] conference next week.


Throughout it all, I’ve been on this sort of blissed out energy high where I just feel like everything is working out. I literally have been doing less work and magnetizing more stuff. So great!



And, bear in mind, these were messages they sent me during the 21 Days!  

The challenge wasn’t even over yet!


So what might be possible for YOU? 

I know it can be hard to believe you can have what you want. Maybe you’ve almost given up on really having a great life.


But what if it’s easier than you think? 


What if, with the right coaching, support, tools and encouragement, YOU can experience tangible, concrete results in as little as 21 days… 


…and then build on them to create the future you want!



Large or small, I know the changes you want are possible...


and affordable! 


The full 21 days of personalized training, support and guidance is only




And it’s completely backed by my 100% money back guarantee.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee  


For almost 20 years, I have taught the techniques in this Challenge to my private clients, and they have achieved powerful results. But I can only work with a limited number of people one-on-one. So now I am on a mission to help more people, and that’s why I created this challenge — so you can get all the training, support, and encouragement you need — for a fraction of the cost. And with zero risk.  


If you go through the challenge, try out the exercises, and you don’t see the improvements that you expect, email me within 60 days at [email protected] and I’ll refund your full investment.


And if $97 is outside your financial abilities right now, scroll to the bottom of the page for information about my scholarship program.

Join us today and Reclaim Your Power.


So, who is Mary Cordelia? 

Teacher. Therapist. Neuroalignment Expert.  


My full name is Mary Cordelia Myers. I have dedicated the last 20 plus years to figuring out what holds people back and how to create the real change that allows them to step back into their natural power. I have spent literally thousands of hours exploring this question, and I have had the privilege of working with some of the best teachers on the planet, and received training in several powerful paradigms. 

In combining my experiences from 18 years of teaching mindfulness, my training as a trauma therapist, and studies in neurobiology and conscious creating, I have developed a powerful process that will help you create the lasting transformation you want.

Over the years, I have taught workshops at the Kripalu Center, the Omega institute for Holistic Studies, and various foundations including the Harold Hunter Foundation. I’ve led Days of Mindfulness in New York City and been interviewed on Radiance Talk Show, and numerous podcasts. My current clients include health professionals, spiritual teachers, monastics, and high level executives, as well as entrepreneurs, parents, students, and seekers of all kinds.

Another wonderful aspect of my life is that I cofounded Suruluna Animal Rescue, and purchased 7 beautiful acres of land where we have been able to rescue hundreds of dogs, give them medical care and the safe environment they need to heal, and then find them their forever homes. If you are interested you can check out Suruluna’s facebook page here.

My passion is to empower people in creating the change they want for themselves, for their communities and for the world.

I have spent many years designing tools that are accessible and easy to implement, and day by day, together we are creating a shift toward a better future for all beings, and building what the Rev. Martin Luther King called, The Beloved Community.


Virginia Vitzthum, Editor at Represent Magazine

“Mary’s great gift as a coach and healer is to make people feel seen and heard without feeling judged. 

This is harder than it sounds. We bring our most vulnerable self into this work, and the merest hint of disapproval can shut us down. But big work also requires change, and Mary doesn’t just affirm, affirm, affirm. She gently and kindly guides you to other possibilities.  

She’s amazing when it comes to contacting something painful and staying there with you, showing you that you can actually move through these difficulties. Then, by listening closely, she figures out steps toward healthy change and suggests them in a spirit of optimism, reassuring you that she’ll be there on the way.  

I’ve worked with a lot of practitioners, and I know how rare is her ability to make a client feel supported, safe and loved.”


1. Reclaim your Focus

I will be doing Facebook Live videos within the private Facebook Challenge group. Each video will include simple techniques to practice over the next few days. As you take each step, you’ll get additional guidance and encouragement in the group. This combination of personal guidance and group support is the key to actually accomplishing the things that are important to you.

I will personally mentor you in the key steps to reconnect with your own vision and choose where you place your powerful focus.  

Every day I will be in the private Facebook group, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring you to take the individual steps and the leaps of faith that will create the results you want.

2. Create Powerful Connections

Studies have shown that the people you spend time with have a profound influence your success. In fact connecting with other “doers” has been shown to amplify your results.  

When you join the 21-Day Challenge, you connect with a incredible group of people, intentionally stretching their ability to create the changes they want. You will be amazed at how it supercharges your progress!  

 3. Maximize the Change You Want

Using effective tools, and receiving the mentorship to make them actually work for you, will help you make the real changes you want.  

“One thing I especially loved was that Mary made herself accessible to all participants, so that there was a real connection between us. She would answer any questions we put to her, and offer very useful insights.”

~ Theresa B.

“These 21-Day challenges (the first was so good, I did another!) have advanced me in ways I wouldn’t have predicted. It’s not linear. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the ways you and your life unfold.”  

~ Roxanne V.

“Mary, Mary, never contrary!! I’ve worked with many therapists, writers, and coaches throughout my life and have yet to meet or work with anyone as compassionate, soul-connected, mindfully aware, experienced, and supportive as Mary. She raises the bar with incredible tenderheartedness and is steadfast at your side throughout any process you may be working on. To work with her would be considered an amazing asset to anyone’s work and life.”  

 ~ Ellen Y. 


So join us today, and start building momentum toward the life you want!

Ok, I'm in! Sign me up.




What if I can’t make it to the live videos?

No problem at all. In fact almost nobody can make it to all of them. Every live call will be recorded and you can listen at the time that is right for you. We have had people join us from all over the United States, as well as from Europe, India, and Down Under. You can make this work for you, no matter your timezone. Additionally, all the course materials will be archived and made downloadable at the end of the course, so you can return to them again and again.

Do I need a Facebook account?

Yes. Since the challenge is hosted within a Facebook community, you’ll need a Facebook account in order to participate. If you don’t have one, it’s free and easy to create one for the challenge.  

How is this different from other programs?

Well, for one thing… it’s fun! It’s an opportunity to step out of your day to day habits and into a new feeling of aliveness and enthusiasm.

Second, it’s not pre-recorded content you’re left to go through alone. I’ll be there live with you every day. I personally lead you, step by step, through experiences that help you see more clearly where you are undermining yourself and help you make new choices that reflect what works for YOU.

Third, it’s customized to your preferences, your style, your goals and your abilities. There are SO MANY programs out there, and a lot of them are really great, but time after time, the thing that people tell me made this program really work for them was the personalized guidance they got. Instead of just a set of recordings and guidelines to follow, I am available every single day to help you personalize it so that it works to do what YOU want it to!

That’s what really makes the difference!

What if I can’t afford the program?

It’s important to me to make this accessible to anyone who wants to do it, so scroll down to the bottom of the page for details about my scholarship program.

Why 21 days?

It can be daunting to focus on making the changes you know you want. Sometimes even thinking about them is overwhelming. But with incremental changes – simple steps that build on one another — you can kick powerful momentum into gear and the results can be amazing!  

And 21 days is the perfect time frame… just short enough that you can stay the course.. just long enough to initiate real change! 

Ok, Got it...I'm in!
Since you’ve read this far, that means you’re not just a spectator who sits on the sidelines talking about what other people are doing. You are ready to discover what’s possible for you when you’re challenged to push yourself in positive and empowering ways.
So, just take the leap. After all, it’s risk free.
Join us to find out what is possible for you! 
Because truly, wherever you are at this moment, this can be the start of the change you are seeking.  

One scholarship student was in a really difficult place in her life. Her housing situation was very precarious, and her financial situation was bleak, but she took the leap of faith. She joined the class and practiced creating a new and powerful focus. Just imagine how happy I was to receive this note some months later…


“Hey Mary, 

I don’t know if you remember when you helped me tell a “better feeling story”? I picked my daughter’s birthday when everything would be better. I said how I would be in a bigger place, and her party would be in our new place, and I would have my tea kettle…

Well, today is my daughter’s birthday party. I got my new place, her party is here, and I got my kettle!”

– Kitt H.


Join Mary Cordelia and a powerful group of determined creators for what could just be the most rewarding 21 days of your life.

Let's do this!
Here are the nitty-gritty details for my fellow nerds who will want all the info!

The format consists of 6 “Challenges” each of which is followed by a few “A.C.E.” days (to help you ACE the challenge!)


Each challenge focuses on a certain area of growth and give you a bunch of options — things to actually accomplish before the next challenge. The options range from very easy to fairly challenging. All of them are designed to bust you out of your habits and open you up to new possibilities. You get to do exactly AND ONLY the ones you want.


Because I really understand (and I bet you do too) that you don’t really know anything until you experience it for yourself, I don’t do a whole lot of talking. Instead, I present an idea and then give you some options to run with it, and see what happens.


Our motto in the 21-Day Challenge is “Rock it, ’til you Grok it!”


This means we actually do something so that we really get it. That’s what it means to “Grok it”. To know it for yourself… beyond ideas, beyond beliefs, so it’s firmly in the realm of your own experience.


The A.C.E. days are for Accomplishment, Celebration and Encouragement. When you complete one of the challenges (Accomplishment), you post about it in the group (Celebration) and then people high-five you and cheer you on (Encouragement).


As adults we get SO LITTLE of this kind of encouragement, and getting it feels great!


So a really powerful part of the experience is that as you go through the 21-Day Challenge, you feel better and better. This, all by itself, has felt like a huge shift for a lot of people.


There is another part of the challenge that runs side by side with the 6 Challenges and the ACE days — a day-by-day skill building, mindfulness process that teaches you to have a much more empowered relationship with your own mind.


Have you noticed that when you try and do something new, especially something that’s really important to you, and maybe unfamiliar… then all kinds of feelings come up, like anxiety, confusion, worry. You might even be feeling uncomfortable right now just reading this.


And then all kinds of old thoughts and habits bubble up and start to get in your way.


Well in the 21-Day Challenge, I’m going to teach you — and even more importantly I’ll coach you (Right? Because as we know, learning about it isn’t enough… you have to actually experience it… you have to Rock it if you want to Grok it…) — So I’ll coach you to make powerful mindset changes that will get you back in the drivers’s seat of your mind — even when you’re anxious.

In the immortal words of Langston Hughes, 

“What Happens to a Dream Deferred?”

Too many people never get around to living the life they dream of because they think it’s too hard or even impossible.

It’s not impossible. It’s not even hard. 

What’s hard is continuing to drag yourself through obligations and frustrations because you think you have to.  

So seriously, what if your well-being and happiness were easier than you ever imagined?

Join us and find out! All you stand to lose are your limitations!

Take the leap! You'll be glad you did.
Dear Mary,


I was reflecting today on what a changed person I am and how you have truly helped me allow myself to want what I want. I am so grateful every day that you came into my life. 


Looking forward to connecting again!


an impromptu message from my client, Caroline K.


Scholarship Information  

Even though I have made the challenge as affordable as possible, I understand that it is still out of reach for some people.  

I know there are many reasons why this could be true. You could live in a country where the exchange rate between your currency and mine makes this much more expensive. You could be between jobs, or recovering from illness. Maybe you’re in school, or a new parent. 

I know there are a lot of legitimate reasons why people don’t have access to money. I have had times in my life where I was counting my change to have money to eat, and so I understand.  

But you are not powerless. You have within you the power to change your circumstances, and I would love to help you access that.  

So if money makes this challenge inaccessible to you, click on the button below, and complete the scholarship application.  

If you are willing to make a serious commitment to your empowerment you will not be turned away for lack of funds!

Click here for the Scholarship Application
                                                   I look forward to meeting you in the challenge!