Welcome to...

 21 Days of Blissipline!

"Um, thanks, but what's Blissipline?" 


Blissipline is a way of living, thinking, and behaving that maximizes two important things...


Your happiness now and your capacity for making the changes you want most. 


It allows you to experience that thing everyone says, but almost no one actually lives:


"The Joy is in the Journey"


The thing is, for most of us, that's just not true!  A lot of times we don't enjoy the journey at all. 


But Blissipline can help you make your journey WAY more fun..


AND help you go to better destinations! 

Ok... so how does this 21 Days of Blissipline work?






I've created an easy, fun, 21-day journey that can take you to a whole new level of self appreciation, self acceptance, and delight in life! 


(Check out the testimonials below from people who went through this exact process to see what's possible in just three weeks!)


There are 7 steps, where you do something new (something that you enjoy!) for three days. 


7 steps x 3 days each = 21 days.


So for 21 days, you will do things you enjoy.  But the difference is, you will do this in a conscious, deliberate way.


As you actually DO these things, you will see how deliberate, small changes, can feel really powerful! 


You will discover, for yourself, how to work with your mind to enhance your joy.


In short, you will start to master Blissipline.


"Wow, that sounds kinda awesome," I hear you say, "and how much is all this Blissipline gonna cost?"

The whole fabulous journey is only


OR EVEN LESS (see below)

  • All the info you need to learn Blissipline
  • Unlimited¬†personal support from me and a whole community of Blissiplinarians
  • Access to all the materials forever¬†
  • Scholarships Available
Whoohoo! I'm totally doing this!


Two important pieces of information about the money...



I know that there are many reasons why, no matter how reasonable the price, it is beyond some folks' reach, and I have BEEN THERE.  So I have a scholarship available to anyone who needs it.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info.



I am completely confident about the value and effectiveness of this work, and I'm pretty sure that if you give it a try you will love it.  So I offer a full money-back guarantee.  All I ask is that you actually give it a try.  And then, if you don't think it was worth it, just reach out, and I will refund your full payment.

Ok, so what is Blissipline?

Blissipline is a set of skills, tools and knowledge that I have developed and tested over years of working as a Somatic Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher, and Thriving Coach.


It's actually one of  secret power tools that ALL the most successful people use - sometimes without even knowing it!


Blissipline helps you develop ways of thinking, practicing, doing, feeling and being, that build NEW neural pathways you allow you to grow, flourish and thrive.  


Thanks to research in neuroplasticity, we now KNOW that it is possible to REWIRE your brain to be happier, more creative, and more productive in the ways that are important to YOU.


And the best thing about Blissipline is that is does all these things by tapping into your power to enjoy THIS moment, so you begin to experience the joy in your personal journey.


Now, I know that's kind of vague, so let me just add:  it uses proven techniques, that are based in neuroscience, and tested and honed by me and my clients for the last 20 plus years. 


And you can TOTALLY master it, BUT...


"You gotta

Rock it

'til you

Grok it!"


In other words, before you can GROK something (really KNOW it for yourself) you have to EXPERIENCE it yourself. 

You see, I've noticed that sometimes people get very enthusiastic about Blissipline and watch all my videos and comment they love it, but they still don't see the changes in their lives. 

That's because if you want to MASTER Blissipline -- to have to actually practice it and make it work for YOU.

And what I've found is . . . it can be really hard to practice for a bunch of valid reasons. 

The main obstacle that gets in people's way is that their nervous system has all kinds of patterns, including unhealed trauma, that leave them feeling pretty helpless when it comes to making changes.

It turns out it can be really hard to do this work on your own. 

So that's why we're going to do it together.


1. First, I'll give you an overview.

I've condensed the information into 7 videos to give you an introduction to ALL the info you'll need.

2. Next, we'll start to practice together.

Every day, you'll have a few simple suggestions to play around with and see what happens!

3. You'll see what works...

You'll have your own actual EXPERIENCES that you KNOW work, because you were there!

4.  and you'll also see what doesn't work...

You'll see where your personal obstacles and challenges trip you up.  And also where your preferences guide you to something else.

5.  and I'll be right there with you all along

Helping you figure it out.  Clarifying things.  And for sure Cheering you on!

6. And you will GROK IT.


Because you did it yourself, you will gain true mastery that no one can take away from you.

What people are saying...

"I have never experienced this level of explosive growth and change with any other mental health professional (and there have been many!)

Today, I am more self-aware, and walk in greater joy, peace, and empowerment. 

She's truly taught me to "Rock it 'til I Grok it!" And while I may not grok everything yet, I surely am rocking it!

Thank you, Mary! I love you!"

Dawn B.

"I joined the course because I wanted to find my “happy.”  It’s no exaggeration to say that with the first exercise, Mary showed me where to look.

Simply put, Mary Cordelia is about the most compassionate, loving and supportive person I know, and she has created a technique that shows us how to treat ourselves with the kindness and understanding she models."

Dina R.


The Fine 


So here are some more details on what we are going to do...


In each video, I will teach you one essential Blissipline foundation.  I will give you a few simple, easy and even fun exercises to practice the concept, and I will (strongly) encourage you to actually DO them (gasp).


Then we will check back in to see how it went. 


You'll share your great successes, your massive failures, your procrastination, your self-sabotage, your brilliant recovery, your shining insights, and I will be there every step of the way.  You can ask me about whatever you need help with, and together -- we will figure it out!


Now, I'll be honest -- at first that was my whole plan:  To give you ALL the tools and info you need, in an easy to access way, and at the end of the 7 videos, archive the group, so you would have ongoing access to all the materials forever, and you could practice to your heart's content!


And that did seem like a pretty good way to approach it.


But something in me wouldn't let me stop there.  Because I know for a lot of people that just won't be enough.  It'll become just one more thing they didn't have time to get to, and they hadn't really "grokked". 


And that's not ok with me.


So I decided to add UNLIMITED ongoing support (without increasing the price) so that you can have TIME and SPACE to try things out, and the SUPPORT of working directly with me.


So, at any time, you can tag me in the group, and ask me anything you want. I'll answer your questions, encourage you, help you see where you're tripping up and guide you to the easiest path.


You can try more new things, and yes, sometimes stumble, fall down, skin your knees, get up, wash them off, and start over -- so you can really EXPERIENCE the benefit of these practices and begin to GROK IT! 


When you know it FOR YOURSELF, it's yours forever.


So that's the new plan... after I present  all the info in the seven videos, you will have ongoing access in the Blissipline group to play together, and apply these techniques in your real life...


... and I'll be there to help you navigate the waves. 




Sound good? 

So, who am I?

My name's Mary Cordelia, and I'm the founder of Blissipline.

I've spent the last decade developing this understanding, because, in my work as a Trauma Therapist, I discovered something that shocked me.   

I realized that even though my training taught me how to help people with depression, anxiety and trauma, there was this unspoken assumption that once their "problem" was addressed, they knew how to be happy.  But it turns out that's just not true!

In fact kind of the opposite was true.  People could make enormous growth and get their lives looking a lot like what they had been saying they wanted -- and still feel crappy.

So I started exploring how I could pull together the things I'd learned about trauma healing with the things I'd learned about empowerment and mindfulness, and I started teaching these tools to my clients. 

Then in 2015,  I launched the Blissipline Community, and I started applying the tools and principles in larger groups, so we could reach more people. 

In the years since then, we have honed the tools of Blissipline to help address even the most difficult life situations, and it's now my mission to help you feel happy and empowered, here and now, and use that empowerment to create the life YOU want.


Scholarship Info


It is my honor and privilege to extend scholarship support to anyone who needs it.  No one will be turned away.

I understand there are times that money is tight.  I have been in that position many times in my life.

I am also aware that sometimes the exchange rate for the US dollar makes my services very expensive to people in other countries.

I do not want these or any other financial circumstance to be an obstacle to you doing this work.

Scholarship Application

I can't wait to meet you!