I would like to invite you to an incredible opportunity!

Join me and Jen Beman, the Founder of BioGraffs (who just happens to be my long-time friend) for our first ever hands-on training.  It' going to be REALLY fun and CRAZY empowering...

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I am psyched to invite you to this unique chance to experience clarity on something that's been bugging you.


My amazing friend, Jen Beman, has created an astonishing tool called BioGraffs.

I have known Jen for years, and when she told me about BioGraffs I wanted to be supportive, so we made a time for her to introduce me to it.

Boy, am I glad I did!

Biograffs is an amazing tool.  I have found it ridiculously clarifying and helpful in navigating things I'm trying to figure out.

I immediately knew I wanted to get it in the hands of my clients, students and friends, so they could experience the benefit too.

To understand how effective it is, you have to try it, because it's so ridiculously simple (and fun) to use, it's easy to underestimate just how powerful it is. 

And since it can be hard to get started on something new, I asked Jen if she might be willing to guide us through it in a hands-on workshop. 

She said, "Yes." (Whoo hoo!!!)

So, thanks to her generosity, you are invited to an amazing and exclusive opportunity to join me and BioGraffs founder, Jen Beman, to get your own personal introduction to what I think is one of the best power-tools for clarity I have ever come across.


Our first-ever private BioGraffs workshop

with Founder, Jen Beman


Saturday, November 18th

2-4 pm Eastern (New York) time

Online on Zoom

Here's what I love about BioGraffs


BioGraffs is the most intuitive, easy, natural way I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS to work through a thorny issue.

We all have things that challenge us.  That's just life.  But sometimes these issues get really complicated.  They have a lot of moving parts and connected people and topics.  When we try and think about them, so many other thoughts come up we just spin in circles.

BioGraffs creates a really simple and delightful way to clarify your thinking.  I've literally never seen anything like it.  After taking an issue to a BioGraffs session, I always feel so much clearer and open to new ideas.

And it's something you can do on your own, at home, any time!

Of course it's often really helpful to explore challenging things with others, so it's also a tool you can use with people you love.  

So that's why we are going to do it together.


So, what are Biograffs?

Jen has a beautiful and very complete website where you can learn all about them, so I'm just going to tell you my personal impression.

It's a really cool system that uses little colored squares to help you think through a problem, or a question, or anything you're exploring.

You just follow a few simple directions, and suddenly this issue that has felt challenging, or confusing, or even impenetrable, suddenly starts to become clearer somehow.

I know that sounds ridiculously simple, but here's the thing...


But don't take my word for it!  Come to our workshop, and experience it for yourself.



You gotta Rock it to Grok it!

Say, what?

Maybe you already know my motto, "You gotta Rock it, to Grok it!" If not, let me explain. 

You only really get the benefit of something when you experience it yourself. 

We know this of course.  When you learned to drive, or ride a bike, or play a sport or an instrument, you did't learn it just by reading about it or thinking about it.  You actually did these things..and that's how you got their benefit! 

So in this workshop, we are actually going to DO BioGraffs together. 

You'll get to do your own BioGraffs on any topic that is important to you.  And - AMAZINGLY - we will have Jen there to offer you her expert guidance on how to do it!  

Then... we are going to take it one step further.

You will get to share your BioGraffs and tell us about them.  A really interesting thing happens when you describe it... things loosen up, and problems that felt impossible to figure out start to shift, and answers begin to emerge.  

EVERY TIME I HAVE DONE BIOGRAFFS, I have felt clearer, calmer, and more ready to address the situation than I did before.

It's an AMAZING tool.

I can't wait to see you in the workshop!

            ~ Mary Cordelia

Join us!

Because YOU totally deserve to feel the freedom and clarity that comes from using Biograffs!

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