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Discover proven techniques, based in neuroscience, to motivate yourself through possibility not obligation, access the power of play so you can grow and excel without stress and struggle, and navigate your own thoughts and feelings skilfully.

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Experience the inner tools that build an amazing life. Discover what you really want by reconnecting to the delight of life’s challenges, rather than being overwhelmed by the struggle of the grind. Have fun and learn new skills through play. Learn how to navigate your own thoughts and feelings skilfully. Take on a fresh new moment without dragging along the trauma and upset of the past.

Course Value

For 21 days we will practice the inner tools that build an amazing life - experience them, own them, and they are yours forever.


Find your personal path to what you really want.


Discover what’s possible when you are driven by a sense of possibility & accomplishment rather than obligation.

Use the power of play to grow and excel without stress and struggle.


Identify long standing beliefs that get in your way, and learn how to rewire your brain and nervous system to build powerful habits of thought and action.

Learn how to reset - start a fresh new moment without dragging the past forward.

What you will get


The 21 Day Alignment Challenge is a community event hosted on a Private Facebook group that walks you through the four most powerful tools to get you in Alignment with your own enthusiasm and success!

5 Live Calls with Mary to inspire and challenge you to your best!

The exact training you need to master powerful and proven techniques based in neuroscience to rewire your brain for happiness and success.

Daily encouragement and support to actually do the practices that will transform your life

A community where everybody encourages one another and celebrates successes

Recordings you can keep forever and refer to over and over.


Join the 21 Day Empowerment Challenge Today

Why you can NOT afford to live your life out of alignment!

"I don't have enough time / I'm too busy"

Then you definitely need to join us, because the 21 Day Empowerment Challenge is all about freeing you up - including your time. We are going to specifically address the feeling of time-scarcity that plagues so many of us, and you will be amazed at what can happen when you free up the anxiety about time that runs your life - which isn’t really about time at all, but about focus. Also, I specifically designed the challenge to fit around your regular life, and (even better) energize you and make you feel like you have more time, not less. Seriously, “not having enough time” is one of the most important reasons to join us.

"I've tried stuff like this before, and it hasn't really worked."

I hear you. I’ve felt the same way, and that’s why I’ve created a program that addresses that. The problem is that a lot of programs are kind of cookie-cutter, and if you aren’t that kind of cookie -- well it just won’t work for you. So in this challenge I’ve made sure to create space for you to personalize it, and I am there with you every step of the way to help you figure it out. (Read some of the reviews below, where participants talk about that.) The thing is, you can get absolutely brilliant advice from therapists, teachers, gurus… whoever. But until you own it for yourself it’s just words. So I will be there, and in fact the whole community will be there with you, figuring it out together and cheering you on every day. We are in this together.

"I can't afford this right now."

If you really can’t afford it, then no problem! I have made it my life’s work to make transformational experiences available to everyone, so scroll down to the scholarship section. But consider this too: so often we feel we “can’t afford” the things that really are going to help us feel happy and like we are in control of our lives, while we waste a ton of money on the distractions to make up for how crappy we feel. Whether you pay or join with a scholarship, this is an investment in you, in your happiness and in your success. And you deserve this. And if you still aren’t sure, I have a money back guarantee. So there’s literally no risk.

What people have to say

21 Day Challenge Cost

This is your chance to learn the tools you need for

alignment quickly and easily.


Plus, I have a money back guarantee.

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If you're a First Responder, Essential Worker, or experiencing economic hardship, Staying Calm in Crisis is totally free for you! Send an email to [email protected] and I'll let you know how to qualify for the free program.

Money back guarantee

I know these techniques work, & I am on a mission to help as many people as I can, so that’s why I created this challenge — so you can get all the training, support, and encouragement you need — for a fraction of the cost of individual sessions. And with zero risk.


If you go through the challenge, try out the exercises, and you don’t see the improvements that you expect, email us within 60 days at supp[email protected] and I’ll refund your full investment.


And if $97 is outside your financial abilities right now, scroll to the bottom of the page for information about my scholarship program.

Hi, I am Mary Cordelia Myers

Somatic Therapist and Empowerment Coach

My work has changed a lot over the years, and my main focus at this point is helping people feel happier and more empowered, and teaching them how to take the steps that will create a rewarding, challenging, delightful, fulfilling and joyous life.

For many years I worked as a therapist, and I loved my work! I was able to really help a lot of people, so it was very rewarding. But one day I realize we almost never focused on joy, enthusiasm, and on the tools people need to move up higher in the top half of the scale.

So I decided to turn that around and began studying thriving, joy, success, aliveness. That’s when I began my quest to bring together all the tools I had — from all my training in healing techniques from Neurobiology, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, then add in all the coaching skills I’d developed, and weave in all the powerful teachings.

I feel honored and privileged to do the work I do. I am beyond lucky to have found this path of wellbeing, and I’d love to share it with you.

Peace, joy and empowerment to you!

21 Day Alignment Challenge

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