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Here are two simple practices that can help you increase your empowerment and joy on a daily basis.


  • The Three Point Turn

    • This technique works to change habitual ways of thinking. You begin to see how you can redirect your focus away from what you don’t want and focus on what you do want. This shift in focus is an essential step toward creating anything we want, large or small. This applies whether it’s a meal, a vacation, or a work of art, or even a business empire!

Break Through Your Personal Glass Ceiling FREE E-BOOK

This downloadable book introduces you to the essential understanding of how thoughts and feelings work together to either support you in creating what you want or completely undermine you. This understanding gives you the tools to change longstanding patterns.

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Soothing vs. Numbing Video

This video helps you understand the important distinction between using resources to soothe you vs. using them to numb you. The first increases your empowerment, while the second diminishes it, or even wipes it out completely!

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Stop Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Webinar

This is an hour long webinar I recorded live to help people stop self sabotaging behaviors.

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