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Mary has been so patient, kind and inspirational. She has such a passion for her work and has helped me understand so much in a short period of time. I hope everyone would be able to take this time for themselves, because it is so enriching.

Jen H.

Mary is an intuitive, loveable guide who helps you look lovingly and honestly into your own individual thoughts, beliefs and limitations. I enjoyed her program immensely and I continue to use some of the techniques we learned on a daily basis.

Kathleen B.

I was so impressed with Mary’s 21 Day Challenge. I’ve taken many online courses with big name gurus but have never experienced the kind of practical real time breakthroughs I did with this course. The 21 days flew by, and I felt like I had tools from day one for cognitive behavioral (and attitudinal) adjustments. This is the first course I’ve ever taken where I feel a real change from where I started. I recommend this challenge for anyone looking for real time support and applicable tools for their toolbox to break out of dysfunctional patterns and prime themselves for success.

Michael B.

There are lots of life coaches and therapists out there but Mary is…neither and both. Mary is like your own inner voice talking to you in a language you can feel to be true in your heart.. so you come to trust yourself more and to believe in your ability to be joyful in your life and freedom to choose how you want that life to be.

Rhonda U.

Mary, Mary, never contrary!! I’ve worked with many therapists, writers, and coaches throughout my life and have yet to meet or work with anyone as compassionate, soul-connected, mindfully aware, experienced, and supportive as Mary. She raises the bar with incredible tenderheartedness and is steadfast at your side throughout any process you may be working on. To work with her would be considered an amazing asset to anyone’s work and life.”

Ellen Y.

These 21-Day challenges (the first was so good, I did another!) have advanced me in ways I wouldn’t have predicted. It’s not linear. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the ways you and your life unfold.” 

Roxanne V.