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The Blissipline Community is the culmination of years of development. 

I have been offering online workshops for over ten years now.  My clients and students have made huge improvements in their lives!  In their wellbeing, in their happiness, in their finances, in their relationships -- in everything that matters to them. 

And this success is based in the discovery that changed my life: Blissipline 


So what is Blissipline? 

Well, in some ways Blissipline is just what it sounds like...

It's a form of discipline, so it includes elements like decision making, focusing on goals, following through, etc.

But there's an essential difference.

Blissipline is based in Bliss, things like Playfulness, Curiosity, Joy.

And most importantly... YOUR Blissipline is based on YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCES.

This includes your preferences for what you want to do today, and your preferences for the future. 

This makes it FAR more powerful than regular discipline.

  • Blissipline¬†keeps you focused on YOUR goals.

  • Blissipline helps you¬†regroup when other's priorities¬†try to override¬†yours.

  • Blissipline makes today more joyful and easy, without giving up on your long term plans.

  • Blissipline¬†teaches¬†you how to enjoy your life as it unfolds, while feeling more and more confident about the future.

  • And maybe best of all, Blissipline is based in neuroscience, and teaches you how to create DELIBERATE NEUROPLASTICITY.¬†

  • This lets you change old limiting beliefs and habits, and replace them with¬†choices that honor who you are, and create what you want.

Learning Blissipline is a win-win for you and everyone you care about. When you are happier, and aligned with your own preferences and values, you have so much more to offer. 

You ARE The Blissipline Community.  And together we will explore,  discover, heal and grow, and help you create the life you really want.



"Mary has a deep commitment to empowering people with practices that offer practical and powerful ways to feel self-acceptance and turn towards self-soothing when you need it most. I love getting personal guidance from Mary and the whole  Blissipline community she creates."

Rhonda Uretzky

"Mary's wonderful wisdom, treatment, and guidance have made a hugely positive impact on my life. She provides all this within the framework of a loving and supportive community. Furthermore she gives you the tools to build your own happiness skills, and shows how to practice that. I am ever so much happier now."

Theresa Taylor Bayer

Sounds great, I'm in!

So, why community?

I created the Blissipline Community because we we really AREN'T supposed to be doing this alone!  

Everyone needs some support sometimes, and that's how it's supposed to be. 

We all know, life can be really (really, really) hard sometimes. And it's just easier to navigate it as a community.  

In fact, what I've noticed is, without a supportive community, most of us struggle so much, we are always just caught in surviving.  So we never find the space and time to make the changes we really want.

This is where The Blissipline Community comes in. 

Together we can create a huge network of support, so it's there when you need it. 

And maybe sometimes YOU'LL be there when someone needs YOU.  (And that feels really good.)

I'll also be offering Live Personal Coaching.

I will personally be offering a live monthly Coaching Call.  This is where you can bring any problem you're dealing with, and I will help you use the tools of Blissipline, and personalize them to work for you. 

There is such a wealth of information available on this internet, and this is fantastic, but individualized support is essential, because YOU ARE UNIQUE.  

And since you are unique, what worked for others may not work for you.  I'm sure you've experienced this.

So I'm going to help you figure out what actually works for you.

You will be part of a growing Mastermind Group of Blissipline practitioners.

As we learn together, we will share our insights and discoveries. 

You can post any time, day and night, to ask for help on a problem. 

I'll in there most days, and we will have a growing community of experienced practitioners to support one another.

And speaking of tools...

You will have access to an evergrowing set of tools that ACTUALLY work. 

In the last few decades we have learned a lot about the power of Neuroplasticity, and the workings of the Nervous System.  This has transformed our understanding of what is possible in human beings.

I've been working on this for well over a decade, and I want to share my best tools with you.  

And as you know from your own experience, having a great tool is helpful, but learning how to use it skillfully is what takes you to the next level, so I will be there, helping, guiding, nudging, and encouraging.

"That life you want... what if it's even better than you think?  


I can honestly say, I could never have dreamed of the life I now have, because I didn't know it existed."


~Mary Cordelia

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Registration Information

 The Blissipline Community will support you in two important ways. 


‚Äʬ† Learning Blissipline¬†will help you find ways to be happier and enjoying life, right here and now, before you have made the big changes you want.

‚Äʬ† Community¬†will¬†provide the kind of¬†support you need to make the big changes you might not make otherwise.


One of the biggest obstacles to creating the changes we long for is our habits of behavior.   Day after day, we get up, and (let's face it) most of us have to do the same things over and over, just to keep our lives working. 

This creates a habit you.  A version of you that is literally neurologically hardwired to do the same thing you did yesterday.

And when you try to make a change, you might find yourself inadvertently coming back to the same patterns of behavior with your work, with money, with your spouse, with exercise, with eating, even with having fun.  

This habit you is so powerful that to create really big changes, you almost have to become a new version of you. 

And it's REALLY hard to do this when you're surrounded by people who think they know you, and don't believe you can change.  Or who maybe feel scared about how your changing might affect them.  They might subtly undermine your attempts, or even tell you your dreams are stupid. 

But imagine being surrounded by a community of people who respect your dreams, support your efforts, encourage you to try again when you slip up, and are cheering for you as you challenge yourself to follow your heart. 

That's what we are going to build together in The Blissipline Community. 

A team of friends, enthusiastic people to brainstorm with, courageous innovators setting a great example and inspiring you, and -- best of all -- smart, focused people who get to know YOU, listen to your dreams, and offer you consistent support and encouragement.

It's truly a gamechanger.  


 There's another thing that makes a big difference,

and that's learning how to apply the Blissipline principles, because to actually make and sustain big changes, you need to make the little steps fun!

Let's face it... if you think that in order to get what you want, you need to do things you hate, it's really hard to keep going. (And depressing!)

And, honestly... if you're miserable, can you really say you're successful?  No matter how many goals you're hitting, it'll never be enough if you're unhappy while you're doing it.

This is where Blissipline comes in. 

People talk a lot about needing discipline, and it's true:  If you're trying to make yourself do something you hate, you'll probably need a lot of discipline. 

But in fact, if you talk to successful people who are doing work they enjoy, and are actually happy with their lives, it turns out it wasn't really discipline that got them there.  It was Blissipline.

Yes, for sure they worked hard, but they found work they enjoyed doing.  Or found ways to make it enjoyable.

So, together, we will learn the tools and techniques of Blissipline and practice them.

You will discover FOR YOURSELF how good it feels to align with what you want. 

And step by delightful step, you will create the life you want. 

Ok, if you've read this far, then let me address a really big obstacle to success that rarely gets addressed. 

To make the big changes you want in your life, you might just have to do the work of healing trauma.

This is a biggy, and it's something very few programs are able to address, because very few people are truly trained in trauma healing work. 

You might not even think you have trauma limiting you, but to be honest, most of us do.   

A lot of us feel like we are our own worst enemy.  Between procrastination, anxiety, and feeling stupid or worthless, we repeatedly get in our own way.  We get distracted by life, hit some internal wall, feel confused, embarrassed or even ashamed.  We drop projects in the middle, or never even start the things that are important to us.

This kind of thing can make you feel really bad about yourself.  And maybe you're really hard on yourself.  Maybe you're even feeling pretty hopeless by now. 

It can be hard to address this, because sometimes it's based in chronic feelings of anxiety, confusion, worthlessness and failure, connected to childhood traumas you might not even really remember.


In the Blissipline Community, you will learn how to address trauma, how to listen to yourself, and how to heal even really old wounds.


When I started these online courses, I honestly wasn't sure if my skill as a trauma therapist would translate to groups, much less online ones.  Usually this kind of deep work is only done in one-on-one therapy, which is (of course)  expensive and can take a long time. 

But I was determined to see if it could work in a more affordable group setting.  I wanted to make it possible for more people to experience the freedom and joy that comes from healing your trauma, reconnecting to their aliveness and creativity. 

So I tried it out during for several years in our small practice group, called Continuum. And guess what?  It worked!  In fact, it was amazingly effective! 

In some ways it worked even better in the group, because people could learn even more from watching one another do the work.  In fact,  some of my private clients joined the group, and their own healing and growth sped up like crazy. 

So I'm thrilled to bring this work to our new adventure together.


And the final thing I want to say here is...

if you want to really make big changes, you need time. 

Time to experiment, explore, try things, regroup, and grow at your own pace.  

I have taken (and offered) my fair share of time based programs -- 5 days, 3 weeks, 90 days, six months -- and they have their place for sure. 

But to create the significant, sustainable changes you really want takes some time. 

How much time?   

Well, who knows?  Everyone is different. 

So, I decided to give you lifetime access to everything... 

to the tools, to the community, to my videos and the tools of the other coaches I bring in. Because I really am in this with you. We are in this together.

If you are ready to join The Blissipline Community, click the button below.

Yes, please! I want lifetime access!

Who is Mary Cordelia?

I'm a trauma therapist and the founder of both The Blissipline Community and our more intensive program, Continuum.

I've spent the last decade developing my understanding of Blissipline, because, in my work as a therapist, I discovered something that shocked me.   

I realized that even though my training taught me how to help people recover from big challenges, like depression, anxiety and childhood or adult trauma, there was this unspoken assumption that once their "problem" was addressed, they knew how to be happy.  But it turns out that's just not true!

In fact kind of the opposite was true.  People could make enormous growth and get their lives looking a lot like what they had been saying they wanted -- and still feel strangely crappy.  It was like the unhappiness was a habit that was hard to break.

So I started exploring how I could pull together the things I'd learned about trauma healing with the things I'd learned about empowerment, mindfulness, and conscious creating, and I started teaching these tools to my clients. 

Then in 2015, I launched the Blissipline group, and I started applying the tools and principles in there, working with more and more people and learning how to apply the tools better and better. 

In the years since then, we  brought the tools into the Continuum Community.  Because we can work so much more deeply and personally in there, we have honed the tools of Blissipline to help address even the most difficult life situations.

It's now my mission to make these more and more widely available, so I can help YOU feel happy and empowered, and use your empowerment to create a better and better life.

Registration Info


If you watched the video at the top of the page, you already know that I am offering lifetime access for a one-time price of $100 for those who can afford it, and scholarships for those who can't.

I considered making The Blissipline Community a monthly membership, but I decided not to. 

It is very important to me to create a community where people can really belong and grow.  Where those who need it can get long-term support, without feeling like they just have to keep paying and paying. Where those who want to contribute have a place to share and create.

You see, sometimes I have received messages from former clients years after we worked together, saying things like, "I got sober last year, and I'm finally able to use what you were teaching me, so I'm writing to say thank you for sticking with me even though I couldn't make it work back then."

In my years in private practice, I've had clients who were able to make changes very quickly, and others who have taken a really long time.  And sometimes, people just can't afford to keep paying month after month, waiting for something to work.

So I'm offering one low price for lifetime access to the materials.

We are in this together!


$100 for Lifetime Access - One-Time Payment

Scholarship Info

It has always been my desire to support more people in doing this work. 


It is my honor and privilege to extend scholarship support to anyone who needs it.  

I understand there are times that money is tight.  I have been in that position many times in my life.

I am also aware that sometimes the exchange rate for the US dollar makes things inaccessible to people in other countries.

I do not want these or any other financial circumstance to be an obstacle to joining The Blissipline Community. 

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