21 Daily Practices

bliss empowerment understanding worry Sep 24, 2023
21 Daily Practices

Dear friends, I am making this free to all! Given the current global self isolation, I figure we could all use a little help, so please feel free to share these with anyone you want.

Here are links to 21 short practices. These are designed to both help you feel better in the moment, and also (and maybe more importantly) to help you develop a new understanding of how to deal with your worrying mind.

Please feel free to reach out in The Blissipline group with any questions.

These 21 practices are designed to be done in order, one a day. However some people do like to repeat a practice they like for a few days before moving on. If you do this, don’t get stuck there. You can always come back later, so I suggest you do each one for no more than three days before moving on.

After you’ve done them all once, you can feel free to repeat the ones you really liked, but I also encourage you to repeat the whole 21-Day Process two or three times.

As you go through again, your understanding and empowerment will deepen, and you will also discover what you have already learned and see how you have grown since the last time!




Week 1

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