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I just added this video as a personal, informal introduction to Continuum, so you can get to know me a little bit.  Please reach out with any questions.


We're starting up again!


Hey my friends!  I'm so glad to announce that we are reopening The Blissipline Continuum Community.  

(You can read more about the history of the group below, but for now let me give you the simple intro.)

The Continuum Community is a wonderful group.  We've been meeting regularly for several years, and our members have made huge improvements in their lives -- in their wellbeing, in their happiness, in their finances, in their relationships -- in everything that matters to them.  

And over and over, they tell me that the Continuum Community is what has made the difference for them.

This success is based in two principles:

The Continuum Understanding

Very often, we feel like we need huge changes in our lives, and this can make them seem insurmountable, but the Continuum Understanding is this:

Small, easy changes, made consistently, add up to HUGE changes over time.

BUT (as we all know!) it can be hard to figure out what to do, and (even harder) that consistency can be really challenging to maintain.   So the Continuum Community not only helps you figure out those changes, but even more importantly supports your CONSISTENCY.

And secondly, the discovery that has changed my life the most:


Blissipline is just what it sounds like... 

It's a form of Discipline, so it includes elements like decision making, focusing on goals, following through, etc. but it's based in Bliss, Happiness, Joy, and most importantly... YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCES. 

This makes it FAR more powerful than regular discipline.

  • Blissipline keeps you focused on YOUR goals.

  • Blissipline helps you regroup when other people's priorities are overriding yours.

  • Blissipline helps you make today more joyful and easy, without giving up on your long term plans.

  • Blissipline allows you to enjoy your life as it unfolds, while feeling more and more confident about the future.

  • Blissipline gives you the skills to change old limiting beliefs and habits, and replace them with thoughts and behaviors that honor who you are, and create what you want.

Learning Blissipline is a win-win for you and everyone you care about.  When you are happier, you have so much more to offer. 

And  what if YOUR particular gifts, talents, and hidden brilliance are part of what the world is longing for... 

Continuum can help you, explore,  discover and create the life you really want.

"I've been in Continuum since it started, and it just keeps going deeper and getting better, as I apply and refine Mary's wisdom to everyday things that come up in my life."

Rhonda Uretzky

"Continuum has been invaluable to me for taking the principles learned in the 21-Day Challenges and going deeper.  It's so easy to go through a program with a finite number of days and have breakthroughs which dissipate over time once the program has ended.  But with Continuum, I am able to keep at the practice and bring it to new levels."

Michael Dawn Brooks

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So, what is Continuum?

I created the Continuum Community because we all could use some support in navigating life, but as a therapist I could only help one person at time. 

But everyone needs some a little support sometimes, because life can be really (really, really) hard.  

And even if it's not hard right now, it's usually crazy full of a ton of responsibilities and other people's agendas and opinions.    

Between earning a living, keeping a household running, answering the needs of other people, and just trying to keep yourself functioning, it's really hard to muster the time, energy and concentration to focus on your own goals, hopes, dreams, (or even just your wellbeing.)

In fact, without a supportive community, it can be almost impossible to make the changes you really want to make. 

So this is where Continuum comes in. We are able to offer you daily, weekly, and long term support, so it's there when you need it.  

Weekly Live Personal Coaching

Our success together centers on our Weekly Coaching Calls.  This is where you can bring any problem you're dealing with, and I will help you take the tools of Blissipline and personalize them to work for you.

Individualized support is essential, because you are unique.   

Doing this personalized work as a therapist, I watched my clients grow and heal, and I dreamed of being able to support more people in more affordable ways.  In Continuum, I really proud and happy to say, I've created a way to do that. 

What's really amazing is, it turns out that group work is even better in some powerful ways.  People can learn from one another and see what's possible for them, as they watch others grow and heal.  

These weekly calls allow me to get to know you and to customize the tools of Blissipline to YOUR particular needs and desires. 

You see, since you are unique, what worked for others may not work for you.  I'm sure you've experienced this. 

Have you ever been frustrated that you took some course, or tried some process, that other people seemed to get great results from, but it just didn't work for you?

(That felt like the story of my life before I really understood Blissipline.) 

So, working together live, I'll be there to help you figure out how to actually make things work for YOU.

And in addition to the weekly support, you can get daily encouragement within our supportive online community.

A Mastermind Group of supportive practitioners

In the mastermind group, you can post any time, day and night, to ask for help on a problem. 

I'm in there daily, and we have a number of other coaches and experienced practitioners to support you.  It's also a great place to practice the tools that strengthen your ongoing growth in resilience and empowerment.  And speaking of tools...

Access to an evergrowing set of tools that work.

In the last few decades we have learned about the power of Neuroplasticity, which has transformed our understanding of what is possible in human beings.

In Continuum we use tools based in neuroscience, and tested by thousands of people.  In short, we use tools that work to support you in creating unprecedented changes in your life.

And as you know from your own experience, having a great tool is helpful, but learning how to use it skillfully is what takes you to the next level.

I will be there, every step of the way, helping, guiding, nudging, encouraging, and together, we can strategize, try things out, experiment and regroup, until we figure out what YOU need to overcome the obstacles in your way and create the life you really want. 

That life you want... what if it's even better than you think?  


I can honestly say, I could never have dreamed of the life I now have, because I didn't know it existed.


~Mary Cordelia





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The Blissipline Continuum Community is designed to support you in two important ways.  

•  Continuum will help you find ways to be happier and enjoying life, right here and now, before you have made the big changes you want.

•  Continuum will provide the kind of support you need to make the bigger changes you might not find ways to make otherwise.

One of the biggest obstacles to creating the changes we long for is our habits of behavior.   Day after day, we get up, and let's face it, we kind of have to do the same things over and over, just to keep our lives working. 

This creates a habit you.  A version of you that is literally neurologically hardwired to do the same thing you did yesterday.

And when you try to make a change, you might find yourself inadvertently coming back to the same patterns of behavior with your work, with money, with your spouse, with exercise, with eating, even with having fun.  

This habit you is so powerful that to create really big changes, you almost have to become a new version of you. 

And it's REALLY hard to do this when you're surrounded by people who think they know you, and don't believe you can change.  Or who maybe feel scared about how your changing might affect them.  They might subtly undermine your attempts, or even tell you your dreams are stupid. 

But imagine being surrounded by a community of people who respect your dreams, support your efforts, encourage you to try again when you slip up, and are cheering for you as you challenge yourself to follow your heart. 

That's what it's like in Continuum.  You have friends on your team, enthusiastic people to brainstorm with, courageous innovators setting a great example and inspiring you, and -- best of all -- smart, focused people who get to know YOU, listen to your dreams, and offer you consistent support and encouragement.

It's truly a gamechanger.  

Another thing most people are missing is the kind of support that comes from Coaching 

To make big changes, most people need a coach.  This is not obvious to a lot of people, but have you noticed that whatever the profession, the most successful people have coaches?  This is true of singers, athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is serious about wanting to create big change in their lives and in the world.

I learned this when I was a professional singer.  I had the incredible privilege of working with a brilliant pianist named Dale Anthony.  Dale worked with me weekly to help me evaluate every aspect of my craft.  Under his guidance, I went from a moderately talented amateur, with very little training, to a successful professional over a period of three years.   Dale was able to get to know me over time, give me perspectives that no one else could, and guide me to the steps that would work for me.  He also encouraged me to listen to myself and taught me how to trust myself as a musician and as professional.  Dale died almost 30 years ago, but I have never stopped being grateful for his support and encouragement.  It changed the course of my life.

In the Continuum group, we have seen how the ongoing weekly calls create not only support and encouragement, but also an opportunity for that little bit of tough love to keep you going when you want to quit, or for for the compassion to recognise how desperately you need rest.  For that outside perspective of a trained expert who can see when you are ready for that next step and can tell you what the next step is, or for the confidence of someone who has walked the walk of healing and growth with many people,  and knows what's possible for you.  

There's another thing that makes a big difference, and that's learning how to apply the Blissipline principles, because to actually make and sustain big changes, you need to make the little steps fun!

Let's face it... if you think that in order to get what you want, you need to do things you hate, it's really hard to keep going. (And depressing!)  

And, honestly... if you're miserable, can you really say you're successful?  No matter how many goals you're hitting, it'll never be enough if you're unhappy while you're doing it.

This is where Blissipline comes in. 

People talk a lot about needing discipline, and it's true:  If you're trying to make yourself do something you hate, you'll probably need a lot of discipline. 

But in fact, if you talk to successful people who are doing work they enjoy, and are actually happy with their lives, it turns out it wasn't really discipline that got them there.  It was Blissipline. 

Yes, for sure they worked hard, but they found work they enjoyed doing.  Or found ways to make it enjoyable.

So in the Continuum group, we learn the tools and techniques of Blissipline and then we practice them daily (or even hourly, or minute by minute, because when you're practicing something that makes you feel good, why stop?!)

And step by delightful step, we create the life we want. 

Ok, if you've read this far, then let me address a really big obstacle to success that rarely gets addressed.  To make the big changes you want in your life, you might just have to do the work of healing trauma.

This is a biggy, and it's something very few programs are able to address, because very few people are truly trained in trauma healing work.  

You might not even think you have trauma limiting you, but to be honest, most of us do.   

A lot of us feel like we are our own worst enemy.  Between procrastination, anxiety, and feeling stupid or worthless, we repeatedly get in our own way.  We get distracted by life, hit some internal wall, feel confused, embarrassed or even ashamed.  We drop projects in the middle, or never even start the things that are important to us. 

This kind of thing can make you feel really bad about yourself.  And maybe you're really hard on yourself.  Maybe you're even feeling pretty hopeless by now.

It can be hard to address this, because sometimes it's based in chronic feelings of anxiety, confusion, worthlessness and failure, connected to childhood traumas you might not even really remember. 

In Continuum, we learn how to address trauma, how to listen to ourselves, and how to heal even really old wounds.

When we started, I honestly wasn't sure if my skill as a trauma therapist would translate to groups.  Usually this kind of deep work is only done in one-on-one therapy, which is (of course) a lot more expensive and can take a long time. 

But I was determined to see if it could work in a more affordable group setting.  I wanted to make it possible for more people to experience the freedom and joy that comes from healing your trauma, reconnecting to their aliveness and creativity.

So we tried it out during the first few years of Continuum, and guess what?  It worked!  In fact, it was amazingly effective! 

In some ways it worked even better in the group, because people could learn even more from watching one another do the work.  In fact,  some of my private clients joined the group, and their own healing and growth sped up like crazy. 

So I'm thrilled (and honestly proud) to say, in the Continuum group, we help you do the deep work of healing trauma, so YOU can experience that freedom and joy for yourself!

And finally, to make the big changes you want -- to create a life that feels rich and rewarding to you -- you need time to experiment, explore, try things, regroup, and grow at your own pace. 

I have taken (and offered) my fair share of time based programs -- 5 days, 3 weeks, 90 days, six months -- and they have their place for sure. 

But to create the significant, sustainable changes you really want takes some time. 

How much time?   Well, who knows?

What I have found is that as I accomplish more, I discover even more!  Every year I am growing and learning, and dreaming up new things I never even thought of before.  It's the nature of success to want to build on itself.

And this is what we found in Continuum.  The people who joined almost all ended up staying, month after month, and eventually year after year.

So when I created the new Continuum, I decided to give you lifetime access to everything...  to the tools, to the community, and to my support and the support of the other coaches I bring in. 

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The story of the Continuum group

I started the original group in February of 2019.

At first I thought it would be a course that people joined for a few months -- maybe a year.  So I set it up like that. 

But three years in, it turned out almost all the original members were still there!  They were finding that the long term support, the deepening of relationships, and the benefits of watching others grow meant it had become much more than a "class".  It was a true Community.

So I started thinking about making it a lifetime membership, so our members could really relax, knowing it was always there for them.

In addition, I wanted to expand the offerings to really support the day-to-day practice of Blissipline, and the building of a life that is more and more magnificent.

So I took about six months off to rethink and regroup, and now we are back up and running!

The new Continuum Community is going to have all the benefits from before, plus more genuine daily support for you to create a life that would not be possible otherwise!  

Who is Mary Cordelia?

I'm a trauma therapist and the founder of Blissipline and the Continuum Community.

I've spent the last decade developing my understanding of Blissipline, because, in my work as a therapist, I discovered something that shocked me.   

I realized that even though my training taught me how to help people recover from big challenges, like depression, anxiety and childhood or adult trauma, there was this unspoken assumption that once their "problem" was addressed, they knew how to be happy.  But it turns out that's just not true!

In fact kind of the opposite was true.  People could make enormous growth and get their lives looking a lot like what they had been saying they wanted -- and still feel strangely crappy.  It was like the unhappiness was a habit that was hard to break.

So I started exploring how I could pull together the things I'd learned about trauma healing with the things I'd learned about empowerment, mindfulness, and conscious creating, and I started teaching these tools to my clients. 

Then in 2015, I launched the Blissipline group, and I started applying the tools and principles in there, working with more and more people and learning how to apply the tools better and better. 

In the years since then, we  brought the tools into the Continuum Community.  Because we can work so much more deeply and personally in there, we have honed the tools of Blissipline to help address even the most difficult life situations.

It's now my mission to make these more and more widely available, so I can help YOU feel happy and empowered, and use your empowerment to create a better and better life.

Pricing Options to fit your needs


When I was re-starting Continuum, I realized it was very important to me to create a community where people can get long-term support, without feeling like they just had to keep paying and paying.

You see, sometimes I have received messages from former clients years after we worked together, saying things like, "I got sober last year, and I'm finally able to use what you were teaching me, so I'm writing to say thank you for sticking with me even though I couldn't make it work back then."

In my years in private practice, I've had clients who were able to make changes very quickly, and others who have taken a really long time.  And sometimes, people just really can't afford to keep paying month after month, waiting for something to work.

So to make sure you can stay as long as you want to, or need to, I decided to make Continuum a lifetime membership.

This makes it more expensive up front, so I've created payment plans that can work for everybody.   

It's also important to note:   I am not charging you more if you need to pay over time.  To me, that's a really unethical model that ends up making people who are struggling financially pay more than those who can easily afford it.  That's a crappy model I don't want to duplicate.

So below are four payment options.  Please pick the one most suited to your situation.

We are in this together!

Option 1:  Payment in Full - $2,000

The cost of lifetime membership is $2000. 

If you can afford to pay this in one lump sum, please choose this option.  

One Payment in Full

Option 2:   5 Payments of $400

If you can't afford the payment in full, but can handle $400 a month for 5 months, please choose this option.  

Five Monthly Payments

 Option 3:  10 Payments of $200

If you can't pay $400 a month, but you can handle $200 a month for 10 months, please choose this option.

10 Monthly Payments

Option 4:  Scholarship 

And finally, it is always my commitment to make this work accessible to anyone who is willing to step into their own power and make a commitment to wellbeing.   If you cannot afford $200 a month right now, I have a scholarship program for you.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Info

It has always been my desire to support more people in doing this work, and the Continuum group has made that possible. 


It is my honor and privilege to extend scholarship support to anyone who needs it.  


I understand there are times that money is tight.  I have been in that position many times in my life.


I am also aware that sometimes the exchange rate for the US dollar makes my services very expensive to people in other countries.


I do not want these or any other financial circumstance to be an obstacle to you doing this work.


I am in the process of creating a scholarship application, but in the meantime, just email me, and tell me a little about your situation.  Together, we will create an affordable option for you. 


[email protected]