Please help me Support the Survivors of the Moroccan Earthquake



On Friday night, a devastating earthquake hit the Marrakech area of Morroco.  My sister, my brother in law, and our extended family live in Marrakech, and at first we feared the worst.   We were so relieved to hear that our family are all fine, but thousands of people have been killed, even more are currently without homes, and rescuers are still digging out the rubble looking for survivors.


This is a crucial time, where support is needed now to provide medical care, shelter, food, water and more to people who desperately need it.  Please support these efforts by donating what you can. 


I created "Staying Calm in Crisis," online resources for people dealing with crisis situations, and I am donating 100% of the proceeds to Morocco relief. 


(To be clear I am donating all of the proceeds, not just the "profits".  Every penny you donate will go to help the people in Morocco.)


In addition the course is available to you for free if you need support for any reason, and cannot afford to donate.

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About "Staying Calm in Crisis"


I created this course in the early days of the Covid-19 Pandemic to help people navigate the overwhelming situations they were facing.


Now I hope to get it in the hands of anyone facing a crisis. 


The regular price for this course is $100.  We are offering it on a "pay what you can" basis to support the current crisis in Morocco. 


100% of ALL SALES (yes, every penny you pay for it) will go to support the thousands of families struggling to recover from the earthquake that recently devastated Morocco. 


Please give the maximum you can to support them! 


** If you are facing a crisis in your life, and you cannot make a donation, you are welcome to access the course for free. ** 


But please, everyone who can afford to pay something, it's important that you do.  You will be supporting people who are going through a devastating time.


The Staying Calm in Crisis course contains a comprehensive set of resources to support you in navigating your challenges:


**Powerful tools to deal with your anxiety and worry, right now.  These can help you feel better minutes from now.  No kidding!


**Many more resources for developing long term resilience.


**The ongoing support of a community of people who have experienced the benefit of this work and can help you implement it.


Please  feel free to reach out with any questions.

~ Mary Cordelia

[email protected]