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What the heck is Blissipline?!

This may be the first time you are hearing about Blissipline. Many of us are familiar with Discipline, but what about Blissipline: The Art and Skill of finding happiness in your current life, and building on this moment to create a future you really enjoy.

That's why I created the "Intro to Blissipline - 7 Day Mini Course": to introduce you to the philosophy of Blissipline and give you actionable skills and practices to implement in your life today!

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Here are two simple practices that can help you increase your empowerment and joy on a daily basis.


  • The Three Point Turn

    • This technique works to change habitual ways of thinking. You begin to see how you can redirect your focus away from what you don’t want and focus on what you do want. This shift in focus is an essential step toward creating anything we want, large or small. This applies whether it’s a meal, a vacation, or a work of art, or even a business empire!

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This downloadable book introduces you to the essential understanding of how thoughts and feelings work together to either support you in creating what you want or completely undermine you. This understanding gives you the tools to change longstanding patterns.

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